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  • Ubuntu Patch, Release Note, 03-31-3013, Note: This patch is only applied to the Ubuntu image dated before April 1st., 2013. It adds the support of Arduino UNO board USB driver support so that Arduino UNO will show up as /dev/ACM0 under pcDuino. It includes the all previous patches, and the OS image is version 02-03-2013.
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38 comments on “Download
  1. Kenneth Zhao says:

    Hi. I’m stuck at selecting the firmware with LiveSuite. It prompts `Image文件无效` (Invalid image file).

    File name: `android_20130115.img`
    Size: 278,168,576 bytes
    MD5 sum: 07d8506e18b428732af335888b8f7d88
    SHA1 sum: e48f99d75618877c2dac07ef81d02599d7a6775b

    Please help. Thank you.

  2. Cyrille37 says:

    With LiveSuite for Linux x86 64 bits ( its prompt “Error: Image file invalid”.

    Perhaps it’s just the http server’s mime type that make the download invalid. I do not know.

    File: pcduino_android_20130308.img
    Size: 278 877 184 bytes
    md5 sum: 696dc0ba0ec05a19c4922b3e6f252956


  3. Tyone says:

    With the UVC patch. I’m unabe to uncompress the .rar. the system idicates it not supported

  4. Ed Ringel says:

    Struggling a bit with the uImage update. What is the appropriate tool to use to unpack the .rar archive? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  5. xboxer31 says:

    does the XBMC Ubuntu Image can be burnt to the Flash memory or is it not recommended to do ?

    thanks for your reply….

    • pcDuinoer says:

      XBMC image is. SD bootable OS image so it is not suitable to be burned to flash. We will soon release the OS image to support burn to flash with XBMC.

  6. WAK says:

    unrar fails to extract the uImage file from either the 03-16-2013 or the 03-12-2013 patch. Can you suggest another tool? Incidentally, the rar file attached to the 03-12-2013 patch is actually 03-11-2011.rar.

  7. Jeff McD says:

    Can we have an Ubuntu Image with the kernel hearders and full build-essentials installed??? I would expect a DEV board to include these by default

  8. Thomas says:

    I am having issues with apt-get update that reports errors for some of the deb sources. Is this expected for the Ubuntu build on the flash? I am not able to install ssh server because of that.

  9. Dustin Webb says:

    I am trying to reinstall Ubuntu per the instructions in the document entitled “User Guide of OS installation for pcDuino”. I have tried two different approaches and neither work. First I tried updating to the new version of Ubuntu then I tried reinstalling the original version of Ubuntu.

    To install the new version I downloaded ubuntu_20130403.7z and a10_kernel_phoenixcard_20130403.img and used PhoenixCard as suggested. However when I select the a10_kernel_phoenixcard_20130403.img PhoenixCard displays the error “Script NOT found! Please use new version image!”.

    To reinstall the original version I downloaded ubuntu-2013-0203.rar. However upon selecting a10_kernel_20130203.img and pressing the Burn button there is a long pause and then PhoenixCard displays the error “card preprocess failed !1012 phoenixcard”.

    Now what?

  10. Li Chen says:

    Tried the 2 XBMC SD images. None of them recognize the wifi dingo. The wifi works fine when booting with the stock ubuntu on the flash memory.

  11. Dustin Webb says:

    Is it possible to get the new Ubuntu image as a tarball?

  12. digitalhack says:

    A couple of items…

    1) In the first bullet on this page under Ubuntu there are three downloadable files. The release notes refer to the instructions located at:

    Reviewing the instructions I don’t see how where use of the “a10_kernel_disk32imager_20130403.7z” file is explained. How is this file used?

    2) On the wiki under “Ubuntu Release” the first bullet: Ubuntu NAND bootable Image, Release Date 2013/04/04

    a) The description of the files doesn’t match the description on the download page

    b) The second file as shown below gets an error when you try and download it.

    “Ubuntu NAND bootable Image, Release Date 2013/04/04″ with a URL of “”

    • pcDuinoer says:

      Regarding question 1, we will update the document today. Please check it back. The file (a10_kernel_disk32imager_20130403.7z) could be unzipped and used with win32diskimager in windows or dd in Linux or Mac OS. You could use the above tool to write the file to SD card then use the SD card to burn the Linux kernel to the flash. It avoids the previous issues by using livesuite.

      We didn’t update the Wiki yet, sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. nzl says:

    It is missing PPP module in kernel that make it does not support 3G dialing. Can we have it installed manually?

  14. Carlinux says:

    Last release of kernel has missing tun module. I could not recompile the kernel. Can you post a kernel with tun module and with netfilter and nat enabled?

  15. euforic says:

    Are there going to be any minimal server images released (i.e. ubuntu server) ?

  16. Oleg Korsak says:

    Installation docs are very uninformative! Here is how I do it (in russian, use translator)

  17. steeven says:

    I’m upgrading flash from 0402 version to 0531, the kernel upgrade ok, but it can’t find the ubuntu sd card, the kernel always stop and scan with the following prompt:
    No valid rootfs found, try to update from udisk and sdcard
    please insert the udisk or sdcard with and image file

    I tried to downgrade kernel to lower version, but all lower version quit without upgrade.

  18. steeven says:

    Sorry, please ignore my previous message.
    1. The ubuntu image has to be unzipped and copied to a fat32 udisk, copy the img file and sh file together. I just extracted the img with win32diskImager, stupid.
    2. I tried to downgrade kernel 86M with a 256M micro SD card, nothing complains wrong during Imaging and upgrade, but it simply doesn’t work. Obviously, it need a 2G min SD card, faint.

  19. digitalhack says:

    Is there any reason why the image hosted for download hasn’t been upgraded to the latest releases in the repositories? It would save us all a lot of time if this could be done as the last step before making it available for download. I shudder to think the amount of time that has been collectively spent waiting for apt-get upgrade to complete on the newly downloaded image.

  20. Joe User says:

    Your “mechanical drawing” has no mechanical information such as the dimensions, hole dimensions, hole locations, mechanical connector dimensions and locations, etc.

  21. meng says:

    My pcDuino running pcduino_android_20130308.img,its debug serialport works well,BUG OTHER SERIALPORT DOES NOT WORK!!!sombody who saied kill this BUG,but in his way,it only open serailport,can’t send any data in factly. So more attention is needed.

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